Non-newsroom Bargaining: Session Three

9 Feb

DENVER NEWSPAPER GUILD and Denver Post representatives met Feb. 8. Circulation customer service call center work was the only subject discussed.

Some details of the 2009 customer service cost-cutting measures were discussed.  Management pointed out that the savings achieved in 2009 were about half the amount they believed they could save by outsourcing at that time.  They are now looking for additional savings.

Management explained that they believe their cost per customer service call is still greater than what The Post would pay if they outsourced that work to a third-party call center. Management has put out requests for proposals from six call centers but has not received any bids yet.

Guild representatives pointed out that management has not been using all options available to control costs, such as using coordinators and supervisors to take calls during high-volume periods.

The parties agreed to set aside the call center issue until more data is available to be analyzed and discussed.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Feb. 10.

Kathy Rudolph
Sam Johnson
Maureen Shively
Michelle Miller
Tom Peterson
Laurie Faliano
Paulette Shrefler
Tony Mulligan


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