Bargaining Update: Current Contracts Extended

7 Mar

ON MARCH 6, representatives of the Guild (both Newsroom and Non-newsroom) and Mailers bargaining units signed agreements with The Post that ensure the extension of our current contracts while bargaining continues. The contracts were set to expire March 10.

This means all provisions of our contracts, except the company match to the 401(k), will remain in force until the effective dates of new collective bargaining agreements. If we fail to reach agreement and bargaining reaches an impasse, the terms of our current contracts will continue for five full weeks after impasse is reached. Impasse means all subjects covered by the contract have been fully bargained, but the parties failed to reach an agreement.

We agreed to the contract extensions following the advice of the attorney representing the Guild and Mailers. Our attorney advised that we go along with the extensions to ensure all other contract provisions remain in force while bargaining continues.

You can find the existing contracts here: Newsroom, Non-newsroom.


One Response to “Bargaining Update: Current Contracts Extended”

  1. Joe March 7, 2012 at 2:08 PM #

    Sounds like all we get is a few weeks of not having to worry about being randomly, arbitrarily fired with no just cause or reason. Hurrah

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