Newsroom Bargaining: Session Eleven

24 Apr

REPRESENTATIVES OF THE GUILD newsroom unit and management met April 24.

This latest session, as well as our previous session, was focused solely on a company plan to streamline how we produce content. The company notified us during negotiations that they intend to reduce copy editors and other copy-editing-related positions. This does not mean our stories will no longer be copyedited. However, this plan will result in a change of workflow that will affect nearly every position in the newsroom. This is an action the company is pursuing under the current contract.

While the company’s plan will be a major change from how The Denver Post has operated, this move is not unprecedented in our industry. In 2010, The Minneapolis Star Tribune eliminated their copy desk. Closer to home, The Daily Camera in Boulder has operated for several years with no copy editors. In no way does this mean the change will be all for the better.

It is important to realize that the details have not been finalized. The bargaining committee will continue to offer input as this plan takes shape.

We encourage all members to attend Monday’s (April 30) staff meeting at 4 p.m. in the first-floor auditorium. Greg has promised to talk in more detail about the plan and take questions.

Our next bargaining sessions have been scheduled for May 8 and 9.

Thomas McKay
Sara Burnett
Kieran Nicholson
Jim Ludvik
Kyle Wagner
Kevin Hamm
Tony Mulligan


One Response to “Newsroom Bargaining: Session Eleven”

  1. Ron April 26, 2012 at 8:32 PM #

    Hey, let’s just get rid of all writers, editors, photographers and delivery people, and then we’ll put out a product that entices readers and revenue.

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