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We Are The Guild: Kevin Hamm

28 Dec

Yes, Clara, piñatas do go to heaven.

We are the Guild — let’s get to know each other a little better.

Kevin Hamm

Community Journalist for YourHub


Wife, Kristin; Alice, 7, Sophie, 5, Charlie, 5, Clara, 3; dog, Hoover; cat, Oliver

Favorite Music
Varied: REM, Lyle Lovett, vocal jazz standards, loungy stuff — think Louis Prima, Pink Martini

You might be surprised to know …
Besides the fact I’ve got four kids? I used to live and breathe Ultimate Frisbee and won two national championships and played in the world championships.

When I’m not working I like to …
Play with my kids — anything involving a ball or a Frisbee. I also enjoy golf, tennis and skiing. Before kids, lots of travel and Ultimate. I used to read books, too.

Where you hail from and how you got here
I grew up on the Texas coast south of Houston, Seabrook to be exact. After getting a journalism degree from Texas A&M in 1990, my wife (though she wasn’t my wife then) and I moved to Breckenridge to be ski bums. That was supposed to last a year, but Kristin got hired on at the Summit Daily News (eventually becoming editor) and I worked at a bookstore and we moved to Frisco. After a couple of years I got tired of not having health insurance and paid vacation and got a job at a bank.

We moved down to Denver in 1997 and I worked in mortgage banking. In 2004, I took six months off when Alice was born, decided to switch careers and got on with YourHub a few weeks after it started up.

Why I like what I do
I enjoy community journalism because I feel it has an impact — though the issues are sometimes small, they’re important to the people who live in those communities and have a direct impact on their lives.

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